PPC vs SEO | Clicks vs Spend

Here’s a nice infographic to complement a point I made in an earlier post on search marketing. In the US, although over 90% of search marketing spend is allocated to paid search, only 10% of traffic actually comes from clicks on paid ad slots. As you can see from the graphic below, the overall majority (nearly 90%) of clicks are from organic listings. Businesses take note. SEO should be a key component of your online marketing activity.
ppc vs seo clicks vs spend

2 Responses to PPC vs SEO | Clicks vs Spend

  1. melisa12345 says:

    Hi.. Nice Post!! SEO offers better in search marketing as compared to PPC,but PPC supports great in SEO techniques.PPC holds a slight edge in conversion rates.
    Thanks for sharing!

    SEO Company Dublin.

  2. Jane Oliver says:

    Hello…great article

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